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Pure Bhang Leaf Powder -200Gm

Pure Bhang Leaf Powder -200Gm

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Bhang (Cana.) Leaf Powder is an all-natural product. This fine powder contains the whole leaf and is an excellent source of beneficial nutrients including essential vitamins and minerals. It has a mild flavor and can be added to drinks and meals for a nutrient-rich boost.

Discover the evergreen power of nature with our Cannabis Leaf Powder! Created with the utmost respect for the plant and its powerful properties, this powder goes great with your favorite drinks and recipes. Traditionally referred to as Bhang powder, an invigorating addition to your daily routine. Remember, a little goes a long way, each tub offering more servings than you'd imagine from such a compact container. Embrace the goodness of nature and experience an elevated sense of wellbeing that only Cannabis Leaf Powder can provide!
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