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Similia Leucosex (100 ml)

Similia Leucosex (100 ml)

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Similia Leucosex (100 ml)


LEUCOSEX is a boon to women. It relieves the uterine complaint and cures all types of Leucorrhoea. Excellent medicine for backache and bone pain caused by leucorrhoea.


Each 5 ml contains: Borax 1X 0.05 g H.P.I., Acidium Phosphoricum 2X 0.05 ml H.P.I., Acid Gallic 2X 0.25 g H.P.I., Ova Tosta 1X 0.05 g H.P.I., Acid Tannic 1X 0.30 ml H.P.I., Ficus Religiosa 1X 0.30 ml H.P.I., Ferrum Metallicum 12 0.10 ml H.P.I., Excipients Q.s, Color Caramel Drug and Cosmetic Act Rules 1945 (85H), Alcohol Cont. 12% V/V


1-2 spoonful 3 to 4 Times
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