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REPL Dr. Advice No 6 (Appen-D) (30ml)

REPL Dr. Advice No 6 (Appen-D) (30ml)

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Information about REPL Dr. Advice No.6 Appen-D Drop

Indication:  Medicine acts on vermiform appendix, this has been used for appendicitis. Deathly sensation at point of stomach , pain in ileo-caecal region.
  Each 5 ml. Contains Colocynth  - 6X 0.25 ml Iris Tenax  - 6X 2.00 ml Belladona  - 6X 0.25 ml Bryonia  - 6X 0.25 ml Dioscoria V  - Q 0.25 ml Merc Sol  - 6X 0.75 ml Lachesis  - 12X 0.10 ml Lycopodium - 12X 0.15 ml. Plumbum Met - 6 0.25 ml Mag.Phos  - 6 0.75 ml
Mode of Action   Colocynthis 6x: Sensation as if stone were being found together in the abdomen.
Iris Tenax 6x: Deathly sensation at stomach- pit, voomiting of very green bile.
Belladonna 6x: Excessive tenderness of abdomen, which can not bear the slightest touch.
Bryonia Alba 6x: Tenderness of abdominal walls, worse pressure.  
Dioscorea Villosa Q: Griping, cramping pains in the embilical region, stomach & small intestine.
Mercurius Solubillis 6x: Boring pain in right groin, Bile secreted dificiently.
Lachesis 12x: Cannot wear anything around waist abdomen sensetion painful.
Lycopodium 12x: Pain shooting across lower abdomen from right to left.
Plumbum Metallicum 6x: Very violent pains in abdomen. Hard nodorities in abdomen.
Magnesia Phosphorica 6x: Flatulent colic, forcing patent to bend double with belching of gas.

Use under medical supervision.
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