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REPL Dr. Advice No 7 (Acidity) (30ml)

REPL Dr. Advice No 7 (Acidity) (30ml)

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Information about REPL Dr. Advice No.7 Acidity Drop

Indication: The gastric symptoms with the most promounced acidity are well authemticatead                        and are the guiding symptoms. Dull , heavy, aching, nausea, heavy, sour eructions,                         profwse vomiting of an intensely sour fluid. Great distention of stomach and bowels.
  Each 5 ml. Contains Abies Nigra - 6X 0.50 ml Carica Papaya - Q 0.75 ml Ferrum Iod  - 6X 0.25 ml Graphites  - 6X 0.25 ml Nux Vom. - Q 0.25 ml Robinia  - 6X 0.25 ml Iris Ver. - Q 0.25 ml Lycopodium  - 12X 1.00 ml Pulsatilla  - Q 0.75 ml Sulphur  - 6X 0.75 ml Mode of Action:    Abies Nigra 6x: Stomach feel as if swimming in water , feel cold.      
Carica Papaya Q: Full of wind and distended. There is loss of appetite. Abdomen       
Ferrum Iodatum 6x: Sour and bitter rising for own stomach. Rising up in throat of greasy, acrid, stinging taste.      
Graphites 6x: Pressure in stomach, worse erating. Sometime after. Region of stomach very sensitive to pressure.      
Nux Vomica Q: Wait and pain in stomach, worse erating. Some time after. Region of stomach very sensitive to pressure.      
Robina Pseudacacia 6x:  Sour stomach, dull, heavy, aching dulnuss in stomach.      
Iris Versicolor Q: Great burning distress in epigastrium. Mouth & stomach feel on fire.      
Lycopodium 12x: Eating ever so little creats fullness. Incomplete burning  eructations rise only to pharymx, there burn rise houres.      
Pulsatilla Q: Frequent eructations with the taste of what has been eaten. Sensation of sickness in pigastric sugion, especially eating and drinking.  

Sulphur 6x: Drinks much, But eat little. Desire for sweets. Heaviness in stomach feeling of weight.

Use under medical supervision.
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