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New Life Heptolive Syrup (100ml)

New Life Heptolive Syrup (100ml)

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Information about New Life Heptolive Syrup

Heptolive Syrup - Liver tonic

Description :

Heptolive Syrup is a safe and effective Liver Tonic.

Liver enlargement. Jaundice, gall stone colic.

Pain in liver region, bitter taste, nausea.

Complete loss of appetite, infentile liver, general debility, hepatic derangement in pregnant ladies regular use of this medicine prevent loss of appetite, Jaundice and decrease chances of neonatal Jaundice.

Dosage: Adults:10ml 3 times a day.

Children: 5ml 3 times a day or as direscted by Physician.

Contraindications: Nil.

Side effects: Nil.

Packing: 100ml, 200ml, 450ml.

Use under medical supervision.

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