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B Jain Omeo Alfa & Ginseng Syrup (Sugar Free) (500ml)

B Jain Omeo Alfa & Ginseng Syrup (Sugar Free) (500ml)

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Information about Bjain Omeo Alfa & Ginseng Syrup

Omeo Alfa Ginseng Syrup (The Revitalizer)

A homoeopathic speciality product for strength stamina.


Tones up appetite digestion.

Improves mental physical vigour.

Increases muscular strength resistance to fatigue.

Has a favourable influence upon the nutritive condition especially upon the blood, hence it is used in anaemia, convalescence, neurasthenia insomnia.

Increases the number of red blood corpuscles amount of haemoglobin.

Eliminates products of dissimilation, particularly urea.



Emaciation prostration.


Debility after exhausting diseases

Convalescence (recovery from illness major surgery)

Mental exhaustion

Nervous tremors


Loss of appetite

Poor digestion

Use under medical supervision
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