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REPL Dr. Advice No 11 (Acne) (30ml)

REPL Dr. Advice No 11 (Acne) (30ml)

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Information about REPL Dr. Advice No.11 Acne Drop

Indication:  Blotches and primples on face yellowish skin waxy. Yellowish white flashes of  heat to cheeks. Acne on face in young age.   Each 5 ml. Contains Calcarea Phos  - 6 0.50 ml Asterias  - 6x 0.50 ml Kali Brom  - 6 0.50 ml Carbo Ani  - 6X 0.50 ml Arse Brom  - 6  0.50 ml Hydrocotyle A. - Q 0.50 ml Phos Acid -1x  0.50 ml Berberis Aquifolium - Q 0.50 ml Sulpur Iod  - 6X 0.50 ml Calcarea Pic .  - 6  0.50 ml Mode of Action:        Calcaria Phophorica 6x: Coppery face full of pimples. Acne in the face, red pimples.shooting pains on being touched.      
Asterias Rubens 6x: Red, flushed face, permanent flush.      
Kali Bromatum6x: Acne on face pustules, itching.      
Carbo Animalis6x: Copper coloured eruption in the face. Erysiptes in the face.      
Arsenicum Bromatum 6x: Acne rosacea, with violet papules on the nose.      
Hydrocotyle Asiatica Q: Dry eruption intolerable itching, acne.      
Phosphoric Acidum 1x: Large pimples on face. Burning pain in cheeks. Lips dry.      
Berberis Aquifolium Q: Yellow skin , Blotches and pimples on face.      
Sulpur Lodatum 6x: Face dry. Hot and yellowish, eryptio in upper lip.      
Calcarea Picrata 6x: Prime importance in sucwring or chronic boils.

Use under medical supervision.
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