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REPL Dr. Advice No 12 (Apethe) (30ml)

REPL Dr. Advice No 12 (Apethe) (30ml)

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Information about REPL Dr. Advice No.12 Apethe Drop

Indication:  Apethe, white fungus like growth. Mouth hot and tender. Ulcer bleeding on touch and                       eating. Painful gumboil. Aphthoussore mouth.
Each 5 ml. Contains
Borax  - 6 1.00 ml Merc Sol  - 6  1.00 ml Acidum nitricum-6X(Nitricum Acidum) 1.00 ml Hydrastis  - Q 1.00 ml Kali Mure  - 6  0.50 ml Kali Bich  - 6  0.50 ml Mode of Action:        
Borax 6x:  Aphthae in the mouth and an the tounge which bleed easily.      
Mercurius Solubilis 6x: Tongue swellen and inflamed.      
Acidum Nitricum ( Nitricum Acidum) 6x: Painful, clear, red, ulcers in soft paste with sharp pains  in tongue.      
Hydrastis Canndies Q: Tongue as if burned or scalder Tongue swellen shows marks of teeth.      
Kali Muriaticum 6x: Appthae, Thrush, White ulcers in mouth of little children or nurshing mouths.      
Kali Bichromicum 6x: Tongue dry, ulcers with hard edges, smarting at mucous of lips painful ulcer on tongue.

Use under medical supervision.
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