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REPL Dr. Advice No 36 (Dipressin) (30ml)

REPL Dr. Advice No 36 (Dipressin) (30ml)

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Information about REPL Dr. Advice No.36 Dipressin Drop

Indication:  Changeable mood, sad, mental derangements, Confusion, Forgetful, Fears loos of reason.
Each 5 ml. Contains   Ignatia  - 6X  0.75 ml Cimicifuga racemosa-Q(Actaea Rac.) 2.00 ml Calcarea Carb  - 30X 1.00 ml Aurum Met  - 6 0.75 ml Sulphur  - 6X  0.50 ml Mode of Action        
Ignatia Amara 6x: Anger followed by quit grief and sorrow.      
Cimicifuga Racemosacina ( Actaea racemosa) Q: Gloom as if a black pull over everything, feels grieved.      
Calcarea Carbonia 30x: Dispair in consequence of the impaired condition of the health.      
Aurum Metallicum 6x: Imagines he has lost the aflection of his friends. This makes him weep.      
Sulphur 6x: Melencholy and sadness with grieving ideas. Strong tendency to weep.

Use under medical supervision.
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