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Wheezal WL-40 Varicose Veins Drops (30ml)

Wheezal WL-40 Varicose Veins Drops (30ml)

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Information about Wheezal WL40 Varicose Veins Drop

Wheezal WL40 Varicose Veins Drop is a homeopathic remedy for the treatment of varicose veins without causing any adverse side effects. Varicose veins refer to a condition where veins found at the back of the calves or inside the legs swells up or is enlarged causing pain and discomfort. Its appearance is usually dark purple or blue and looks twisted and bulging. It may also cause surface of the skin to become itchy.

Key Constituents:
• Aesculus Hip
• Bellaonna
• Calc. Flour
• Carduas Mar
• Hamamelis vir
• Sulphur
• Secale Cor
• Acidum flour
• Zincum Met

• Aesculus hip helps in the remedy aching and enlarged veins
• Bellaonna treats pain in the limb areas affected by varicose veins
• Calc. Flour plays an important role in treating varicose veins without causing any side effects
• Hamamelis vir acts by relaxing the veins through consequent engorgement
• Sulphur is useful in treating burning soles and hands at night, stiffness of knees and joints and helps in walking properly without feeling discomfort
• Acidum flour treats the enlarged potion of the limbs caused due to varicose veins

Take 10 to 15 drops of Wheezal WL40 Varicose Veins Drop in little water before every meal four times a day or as described by the physician.

Safety Information:
• Read the label carefully before use
• Do not exceed the recommended dose
• Keep out of the reach of children
• Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and heat
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