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REPL Dr. Advice No 5 (Alcohol Habit) (30ml)

REPL Dr. Advice No 5 (Alcohol Habit) (30ml)

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Information about REPL Dr. Advice No.5 Alcohol Habit Drop

Indication:  The medicine takes away craving for alcoholics. Antidotes effects of Alcohol. Vertigo ,                      deafness.   Each 5 ml Contains Sterculia  - Q 1.00 ml Querecus Glandium Sp. - Q 1.00 ml Andersonia  - Q 0.50 ml Capsicum A  - Q 0.50 ml Avena Sat  - Q 1.75 ml Nux Vom  - Q 0.25 ml
Mode of Action:     Sterculia Acuminata Q: A remady for the drinking habit. Craving for liquor.
Quercus Glandium Spiritus Q: Takes away craving for alcoholics.
Andersonia Q: Heat in the vertex, giddiness, enlargement of the liver and spleen.
Capsicum Annuum Q: Prostration and reeble digestion of alcoholics.
Avena Sativa Q: Nervous exgaustion, sexual debility and the morphine habit call for this remedy.   
Nux Vomica Q: Wine and women play their part to make him forget the close application of  the day.
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