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Bhola Bhang Goli - Pack of 15 [ Buy 1 Get 1 Free ]

Bhola Bhang Goli - Pack of 15 [ Buy 1 Get 1 Free ]

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Enjoy the delicious taste of Bhola Bhang Goli with each purchase of a Pack of 15. Get two packs when you buy one pack at no extra cost, allowing you to share the deliciousness with friends and family. Made with high-quality ingredients and the perfect balance of spices, Bhola Bhang Goli are sure to please.

Mahakaal Bhang Goli Munakka Ball is a 100% Ayurvedic Appetiser

Discover the Rich Heritage of Bhang Goli
Breeze through the alluring pathways of Indian culture and heritage with our special Bhang Goli. This unique delicacy often makes an appearance during festive feasts and promises a flavorful experience. Infused with exotic spices and the traditional usage of Bhang, each Goli sends a burst of rich flavours oozing on your taste buds. So why wait? Embark on a journey of distinctive flavours with our Bhang Goli!

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