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Similia Lavendar Hair Oil (60 ml)

Similia Lavendar Hair Oil (60 ml)

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Lavendar Hair Oil (60 ml)


A panacea for dandruff. Completely eradicates dandruff which causes loss of hair and lifelessness in hair. Mildly Perfumed LAVENDER HAIR OIL shows excellent result within a short time. It relaxes the mind and relieves tension and also very effective in case of skin disease������������������ Itching,������������"1">Composition
Each 5ml Contains: Arnica Montana Q 0.01 ml H.P.I., Phosphorus Q 0.01 ml H.P.I., Eucalyptus Globulus Q 0.01 ml H.P.I., Mentholum Q 0.08 ml U.S.H.P., Lavendula Angustifolia Oil H.P.I.,Parafin H.P.I.,Til Oil Q.s H.P.I, Alcohol Cont. 2% V/V


directed by the physician
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