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Similia Hamarage Drops (30 ml)

Similia Hamarage Drops (30 ml)

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Similia Hamarage Drops (30 ml)


Specific for bleeding from uterus during menstruation and irregular menstruation too early & too profuse. Also effective for anaemic and chlorotic Patient.


Eacn 5 ml Contains: Ferrum Muriaticum 1X 3.0 ml, Trillium Pendulum 3X U.S.H.P. 0.50 ml, Sabiana 3X 0.50ml, Urtica Dioca 3X G.H.P.0.50 ml, Aurum Muriaticum Natronatum 6X 0.50 ml, Color Caramel,������������������ Alcohol Con. 80%v/v as per H.P.I.
10 Drops 3 to 4 hourly with water or as directed by the Physician
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