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Similia Infla Syrup (100 ml)

Similia Infla Syrup (100 ml)

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Similia Infla Syrup (100 ml)


Best Homoeo Combination for Swelling Throughout the body, Enlargement of Abdomen and Heaviness whole part of the body


Each 5 ml Contains: Carduus Marianus Q 0.40 ml H.P.I., Fucus Vesiculus Q 0.30 ml H.P.I., Apis Mellifica 12 0.02 ml H.P.I., Apocynum Cannabinum 12 0.02 ml H.P.I., Carduus Benedictus 12 0.02 ml H.P.I., Flavour Color Caramel Drug and Cosmetic Act Rules 1945 (85H), Excipients Q.s, Alcohol Contains 10% V/V


One Tea Spoon 3 to������������������ 4 Time daily or as directed by the physic
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