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Similia Iron Tonic (225 ml)

Similia Iron Tonic (225 ml)

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Similia Iron Tonic (225 ml)


Effective in anaemia due to prolonged illness and continuous feeding of milk and lack of blood during pregnancy. It is a naturals resurses of homoeo medicine for anemia. It increase the Red blood corpuscles and subside the swelling of the body due to lack of blood It is a great tonic to restore the health


Lecithin 3x, Five Phos 3x, Cinchona Officinalis Q, Alstonia Const. Q, Senna Q, Avena Sat Q, Panax Ginseng Q, Crataegus Oxy. Q, Damiana Q, Alfalfa Q, Kalmegh Q, Syrup Qs, colour caramel & Flavoured, Alcohol Cont. 10% V/V as per H.P.I.


������������������Adults: 2 teaspoon full 2-3 times daily. Children: 1 teaspoon twice dai
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