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Similia Itch-10 (100 ml)

Similia Itch-10 (100 ml)

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Similia Itch-10 (100 ml)


Itch-10 Syrup is highly effective products for acute and chronic itching, eczema, herpic eruptions, ringworms, scaly, Psoriasis, Glutenous and different type of skin diseases.


Each 5ml Contains: Fagopyrum Q 0.55 ml U.S.H.P., Echinacea Angustifolia Q 0.15 ml H.P.I., Sulphur 12 0.05 ml H.P.I., Excipent Qs, Color Caramel, Alc. Cont. 12% V/V


1 Tea spoonful 3 to 4 time daily or as directed by the physician
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