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Similia Mullen Oil (15 ml)

Similia Mullen Oil (15 ml)

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Similia Mullen Oil (15 ml)


MULLEN OIL is a proven palliative for removing acute and chronic earache and ottorrhoea.


Each 5 ml Contains: Varbascum Thapsus Q 0.10 ml H.P.I., Varbascum H.P.I., Glycerine H.P.I., Aqua Distilled Qs, Alcohol Cont. 2% V/V


Put 3-4 drops of Mullen oil in the affected ear thrice daily. For external use only, In case of Otorrhoea the ear cavity should be first cleaned with cotton wool and then 2 to 3 drops to be poured into it daily or as directed by the physician�����������������
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