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Similia Olive Cream (20 gm)

Similia Olive Cream (20 gm)

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Similia Olive Cream (20 gm)


Homoeopathic Medicine and natural orange oil gives natural beauty to your face. Olive Cream remove Acne (Pimples) and reduces black spots, black areas and������������������ wrinkles on your face and makes your face soft, young beautiful.
<"739"> Each 5 g contains: Arsenicum Bromatum 2X 0.025 ml, Berberis Aquifolium Q 0.025 ml, Ledum Palustre Q 0.025 ml, Balsamum Peruvianum Q 0.025 ml, Clendula Officinalis Q, 0.025 ml, Curcuma Longa Q 0.025 ml, Orange Oil 0.50 ml, Cream Base QS, Alcohol 2.5% V/V As per H.P.I.


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