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Similia Pimples Drops (30 ml)

Similia Pimples Drops (30 ml)

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Similia Pimples Drops (30 ml)


Pimple Drop is a deep cleansing formula that dead skin cells to reveal smooth, radiant brighter looking face & make free from Pimples acne and pimples is very anxiety provoking state. It is not only affect teenagers, but can also be seen even in the age group of 20-30 years. There are harmonal changes during teenage due to which sebaceous glands produce excess of oil and it blocks the pores when contacted with smoke & dust particle, which causes the Acne ( pimples).


Each 5 ml Contains:������������������ Berberis Aq. Q 1.50 ml, Balsamum P. 2x 1.50 ml, Cal Pic 12x 0.50 ml, Ars Brom 12x 0.50 ml, Kali Brom 12x 0.50 ml, Ledum Pal 12x 0.50 ml, Alcohol 90% V/V As per H.P.I.
6 Drops 4 times a day
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