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Similia Rose Care (30 ml)

Similia Rose Care (30 ml)

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Similia Rose Care (30 ml)


Rose care is a deep cleansing formula that gently exfoliates, removing dull, dead skin cells to reveal smooth, radiant brighter looking face & make free from Pimples


Each 5ml contains: Ars Brom 2x 0.10 ml, Azadirachta indica Q 0.10ml, Clandula flower Q 0.10ml, Rose water 0.70ml, Aloe vera������������������ Ext. 1.60ml,Glycerine 2.20 ml, Lalolin 0.10ml, Crocus Sat 1x 0.10ml, Alcohol - 8% Ingredients as per H.P.I
Shake well before use apply the Rose care daily in the morning and evening or Once a day. Rub gently for five minutes on face and rest for ten minutes then wash with fresh water.
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