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Similia Sciatic Drops (30 ml)

Similia Sciatic Drops (30 ml)

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Similia Sciatic Drops (30 ml)


SIMILIA SCIATIC DROP is a medication for Sciatica. It is beneficial in indications like cramp or similar dragging pain from hip to ankles, Sciatica as a result of prolapsed disc or any pressure on Sciatic nerve.


Each 5ml Contains: Gnaphalium 2x 0.40 ml H.P.I., Ledum Pal 2x 0.40 ml H.P.I., Manganum 6 0.40 ml H.P.I., Rhus Tox 2x 0.40 ml H.P.I., Aconite 6 0.40 ml H.P.I., Coffea 6 0.40 ml H.P.I., Cimicifuga Racemosa 2X 0.40 ml H.P.I., Kalmia Latifolia 2X 0.40 ml H.P.I., Colocynth 2X 0.40 ml H.P.I., Dioscorea 2X 0.40 ml H.P.I., Excipients Q.s., Alco. Con. 75 to 79 %V/V


10-15 drops with little water 3-4 times daily. Also Use Pain Killer Oil simultaneously for better and faster results.
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