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Similia Shiner Lotion (30 ml)

Similia Shiner Lotion (30 ml)

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Similia Shiner Lotion (30 ml)


Control excess oil and helps keep skin shine free. Removes pimples & Make fair


Each 10 ml. Contains: Curcuma Longa 1x 1.50 ml, Acidium Salicylicum Q 1.00 ml, Calendula Q 0.25 ml, Berberis Aq. 2x 0.25 ml, Menthol Q 0.50 ml, Glycerine 0.50 ml, Rose Water Q.S, Alcohol Cont. 32% V/V As per H.P. I.


Absorbed the medicine with Cotton and wipe to entire face.
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