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Similia Thyro Drops (30 ml)

Similia Thyro Drops (30 ml)

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Similia Thyro Drops (30 ml)


Indication: for hypothyroid Severe fatigue, loss of energy, weight gain, difficult losing weight Depression and depressed mode joint and muscle pain, headaches


Each 5ml Contains: Iodium 12 1.00 ml H.P.I., Thyrodinum 12 1.00 ml H.P.I., Ferrum Iodatum 12 1.00 ml H.P.I., Fucus Vesiculosus 12 1.00 ml H.P.I., Bromium 12 0.50 ml H.P.I., Natrum Muriticum 12 0.50 ml H.P.I., Alcohol Contains 88%V/V


6 to 10 drops with water 3 times a day or as directed by the physician
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