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Similia Tulsi Syrup (225 ml)

Similia Tulsi Syrup (225 ml)

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Similia Tulsi Syrup (225 ml)


Boost the immunity & most effective for acute or chronic cough, bronchitis, whooping cough, respiratory catarrh influenza and allergic cough


Each 5 ml Contains Ocimum Canum Q 0.20 ml H.P.I., Ocimum Sanctum Q 0.38 ml H.P.I. Ocimum Gratissimum Q 0.10 ml H.P.I., Color Caramel, Excipients Q.s Alcohol Cont. 12% V/V


1 spoonful every 3 to 4 hours, one spoon daily is sufficient for Boost the immunity.
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